Trunk or Treat 2017

What is Trunk or Treat?

Trunk or Treat is a fun, safe way to celebrate Halloween. Participants of the event decorate their cars/trunks in the upper parking lot and children walk from trunk to trunk to look at the decorations and receive candy and treats. This event provides a controlled and safe family environment for trick-or-treaters of all ages.

How to participate:

Parents/Guardians: Decorate your car/trunk and give out candy or other treats (pencils, stickers, small trinkets, etc.) Please no nuts or nut products.

Children: Come dressed in costume, bring a bag to collect your goodies and have a great time walking from car to car “trunk or treating!”. Please leave weapon accessories at home.

Things to know:

Sunday, October 29th 5:00-6:00 pm at St. Monica’s upper parking lot * All are welcome to participate in this free event.

If you are planning to participate by parking and passing out candy, please sign up on SchoolSpeak or email Kelly Miller at There will also be a folder in the office labeled “Trunk or Treat”.

If you plan on just attending you do not need to sign up, however make note that the upper parking lot will be reserved for participating cars only. * For the safety of our superheros, princesses, ghosts and witches, we ask that all decorated cars be in the parking lot and set up before 5 pm. The parking lot closes and “Trunk or Treating” begins at 5 pm! The lot will remain closed until 6pm.

Special Event:

5:30 pm drawing of the St. Monica Fall Raffle winners! You do not have to be there to win, but it’ll be fun to be there if you do! Contact Pam Hayden ( if you need more tickets to buy or sell.

Volunteers are needed to assist with parking logistics, parking lot closure, etc. please arrive between 4-4:30 pm if you’re able to help!