Mrs. Birashk

Talina Birashk

BA in Human Development/Early Childhood Education from Washington State University, Graduated in 2009
K-8 Washington State Teaching Certificate

Years of teaching

18 years of teaching preschool. This will be my 15th year at St. Monica Catholic School.


2014 Mercer Island Preschool Association Exceptional Educator Award
Presenter at the 2003 Washington Association for the Education of Young Children Convention
Graduated Magna Cum Laude at WSU 2009
Trained in the Slingerland Multisensory Method of teaching reading and writing

Interesting facts

I live in Covington with my husband Joey (head chef at Eureka in U-Village), our two wonderfully spirited children, MacGyver and Scarlet, and our two puppies: Betty and Nom Nom, and two cats; Georgie and Wombat.

Favorite school activity

I love morning and afternoon circle time when all the kids are seated with me, and we are talking about our day, life, and all those wonderfully random things that pop into the head of a young child.

Personal comment

I work hard to provide a developmentally appropriate and learning-enriched classroom for all PreK students. I want to help students discover their amazing abilities and get them started on the road to becoming life-long learners. I look forward to what I call “light bulb” moments that happen every day at this age. The moment where something clicks, and a student gets excited to have just truly learned something new.

Favorite quote

From the children’s Book: Ish By Peter H. Reynolds

“Ramon felt light and energized. Thinking ish-ly allowed his ideas to flow freely. He began to draw what he felt-loose lines. Quickly springy out. Without worry.”

This is one of my favorite children’s books about a young child whose art is criticized. He later discovers that although his paintings don’t look exactly like a tree or a flower, they look tree-ish or flower-ish. This revelation inspires the child to look at his artwork in a proud new light, and the creativity never stops from there.

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