Mr. Okimoto

Jensen Okimoto

BA Philosophy from Templeton Honors College at Eastern University

Years of Teaching

3 years Astronomy Teacher’s Assistant and Research Assistant
4th year at St. Monica Catholic School

Awards / Achievements

Published Essay in Adorans, the academic journal of The Philadelphia Commons Institute

Lead Author of Astronomical Poster: “Light Curve Analyses of the Short Period, Totally Eclipsing Binaries V449 & V463 And.”

Research and Analysis for multiple published eclipsing binary light curve analyses at the Bradstreet Observatory in Pennsylvania

Web developer and co-creator of

Interesting facts

I love and know more about coffee than possibly anything other material things.

Cooking is a way of living and loving.

Writing by hand with a good fountain pen makes writing anything a joy—even writing a grocery list and especially taking notes.

Board games are about understanding the love of friendship.

Favorite school activity/memory

I once asked my high school physics teacher about a passage of scripture. As the hours passed, others–who were either passing by, looking for me to hang out after school, or wanted some help with physics–sat down and joined our conversation. We spent about three hours discussing one or two verses that day. We weren’t done, so we met the next week… And the next…  And the next… Thus began our little bible study, and thus began my journey toward thinking about my faith more critically. In the two years we met, I’m not sure we got to more than 50 passages. If it weren’t for that teacher, I would not have gone to the college I did. I would not have met my roommate nor stayed up late into the morning talking about truth, justice, and goodness. I would not be here. If I can teach and inspire my students half as well as my teacher did for me, it will have been worth every second.

Personal comment

I believe the goal of education, rightly understood, is to form whole persons filled with wonder, attentive to the opacity of the other, seeking after what is good, true, and beautiful, engaging in and working toward civic virtue and the common good. What I mean by that loaded sentence is that persons are unfathomably complex, and education (done well) brings children toward a better understanding of the beautiful complexity of reality. In teaching, I hope to show my students that “Persons are God’s gift to a gifted world, an elevation and ennobling of what was already good into that which bears the divine image and, in time, will hold the Divine Image’s incarnation” (R. J. Snell, Acedia and Its Discontents).

Favorite Quote(s)

“Love is the teacher of gods and men, for no one learns without desiring to learn. Truth is sought not because it is truth but because it is good.” -Simone Weil

“… but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well”. -Jullian of Norwich

“Each mortal thing does one thing and the same:
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells;
Selves—goes itself; myself it speaks and spells,
Crying Whát I do is me: for that, I came.” -Gerard Manley Hopkins

Favorite Saint and why

Blessed St. Augustine of Hippo:

St. Augustine was the first Saint I ever read. His Confessions is a work that is at the same time intellectual and passionate. He is a master theologian, teacher, and psychologist. There are few that understand the human condition better. He beautifully articulated the struggles of sin and the hope of Christ in such a way that I could not help but dive deep into learning about the richness of the Christian intellectual tradition. I’ve prayed for his guidance often.



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