SMA Uniform or Dress Code

Following our school mission statement, we expect students to have high standards of personal appearance. In partnership with our families, we want to enable students to make sound decisions in a healthy academic environment and promote the following values through clean, modest, and respectful dress.

Clothing and hair should be professional, in good taste, and not offensive and distracting. Clothing is to be neat and clean. Dress code rules apply during school hours, on campus, on any school day, in or out of the building. Please see the proposed dress code standards below.

Dress and appearance should always reflect neatness, cleanliness, modesty, and good taste.

Here is the uniform we are proposing:

  • Navy long sleeve v-neck button cardigan with logo for boys and girls
  • White Oxford Shirt for boys
  • White Taylor Blouse for girls
  • Navy Tie for boys and girls
  • Khaki stretch twill pants for boys or girls
  • Khaki tab front pleat skirt for girls
  • Khaki stretch twill shorts for boys or girls

Accessories & Hair
Hats, hoods, bandanas, or any head covering accessory may not be worn in the building or on campus during school hours, nor should they be carried between classes. Such items are subject to confiscation. Hair color must be of a natural hue. Facial hair is permitted but must be well-groomed.

Pants and Shorts
All pants and shorts are to be in good condition and worn at the natural waist. Holes, tears, or fraying are not permitted. Shorts must be dressy in nature with an inseam of at least 5 inches. Athletic wear, including sweats and athletic shorts, is allowed on PE or Spirit Wear days only. Yoga pants, leggings must be accompanied with a top completely covering the rear.

Dresses and Skirts
Sleeveless dresses and tops must be at least 3 finger-widths across shoulders. Tube skirts, tube tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops are prohibited. Clothing should fully cover undergarments and midsection. Dresses and skirts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee; the neckline is to be no lower than 2 inches from the top of the collarbone.

Special Dress Days
Liturgy Days- Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to dress formally for the liturgy as a sign of reverence.

Spirit Wear Days- Students may wear Crusader-themed spirit wear on Wednesdays.

Designated Theme Days- Students may wear clothing according to the theme.