Remote Learning Plan

St. Monica Catholic School Remote Learning Plan

Well, as with all things COVID, God is continuing to ask us to be flexible and in the words of St. Padre Pio, “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry.”

Our goal at St. Monica is to be in the school building.  We genuinely believe that this is where children learn best.  We will follow all of the guidelines to educate in a healthy environment. Recently the Seattle Archdiocese/Office of Catholic Schools announced that all Catholic schools have been mandated to start the school year remotely. Although we are ready to start in-person instruction now and will as soon as we are allowed we have created a robust remote learning plan.

Pre-School in the Early Learning Center will be running their full-day program starting Tuesday, September 1st IN PERSON, and will continue to be in person since we are a licensed Day Care facility.

Grades Kinder – 8th will be here in small groups for the first three days of school only. To keep everyone – teachers, students, and their families – safe and healthy, we have decided to have a “Tech Camp” slow start, Sept. 1-3, with staggered in-person school preparation prior to starting the school year remotely on Tuesday, September 8.  We need to safely get supplies, textbooks, technology training, and some initial relationship-building to our students before classes “officially” start remotely.

St. Monica Remote Learning Plan
  • Tuesday, September 8th – First full day of school and classes begin remotely for Kinder through 8th Grade and High School Course Offerings

Our Remote School Day Schedule:

  • 8:25 – 8:35              Class Meeting / Attendance
  • 8:35 – 8:40              Morning Prayer
  • 8:40 – 9:35              Period 1  (Walk-to-Math)
  • 9:37 – 10:17            Period 2
  • 10:17 – 10:38          Recess / Snack
  • 10:39 – 11:17          Period 3
  • 11:19 – 11:59          Period 4
  • 11:59 – 12:03          Prayer / Angelus (Homeroom / School)
  • 12:03 – 12:45          Lunch / recess
  • 12:48 – 1:28            Period 5
  • 1:30 – 2:10              Period 6
  • 2:12 – 3:00              Period 7 – Study Hall / Office Hours / Homework Time / Homework Help

Live classes will be taught Monday-Friday beginning with Class Meeting/Attendance/Morning Prayer through Period 6. Students will have the ability to “live-stream” into their classes, which will also be uploaded by 4 PM at the end of each day if a class is missed or a student wants to review a concept. The school day schedule would remain the same whether kids are in school or “attending from home.”  Using the same schedule will make it very easy for families to self-quarantine if necessary as the day will be an “open book.”

With all of that being said, we recognize that some of our school families may choose to keep their children home to learn remotely for health concerns indefinitely.  If a family is fully enrolled, then we will provide accommodations for those families that choose to keep their children at home. There would not be reduced tuition for this scenario as it would service and benefit provided only to fully enrolled families.

We are committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of our faculty and the routine of daily learning during this mandated school closure.  We must acknowledge that our approach to remote learning cannot replicate the magic that happens when school is in regular session. However, we do contend that quality learning can occur from a distance.

St. Monica Remote Learning Plan

Thank you again, parents and families, for your constant support as we take a new road in this educational journey for your children.

We endeavor in our Remote Learning Plan (RLP) to accomplish three goals for K – 8th grade within a flexible framework:

  • Live Student-Teacher Contact Time
  • Online Content Delivery
  • Online Monitoring of Student Progress/Student Assessment

To try and minimize the loss of in-class academic learning, our teachers are working on updating their remote learning plans this summer for Fall 2020, they will be posted soon.

It was a successful day!  Our kids were able to join their live classes easily and needed no help from me.  They diligently did their work throughout the morning.  I think they really enjoyed seeing and reconnecting with their classmates too.  At one point, all three of us where on a video conference and there was plenty of bandwidth in the house… yay!  Today was much better than the last few days where there was no structure.  Thank you!!

Thank you to all the teachers for the extra efforts you are doing to make this happen.  The parents with kids in public schools are scrambling right now and having to do things on their own… I feel very lucky we have such dedicated and talented teachers and staff at St Monica that are making this work for us.  Thank you!!!!!