PreK News

The students in the St. Monica Early Learning Center

Building Friendships

We have made a life-long friendship! Our school Sparrow Carmel. After coming for a visit several months ago we invited her to come back and play. Carmel is almost 4 years old, the same age as our Sunshine class. Meeting and playing with her has given our young students exposure to children with different needs then their own. Carmel joined us in early May and will be back for a day of playing in June.

Growing Academically

Academically the Rainbow class has been working on the Kindergarten math curriculum, practicing addition and subtraction equations, making patterns, and will soon be introduced to counting money. The Sunshine class is completing a unit of handwriting and fine motor control with cutting, drawing and writing. They are hard at work and love it!

Planting a Garden

We had a visit from Farmer Stephan Banchero from Sound Sustainable Farms. Farmer Stephan and his team taught us how to plant a garden and take care of it. After some weeding and tilling the Preschoolers planted pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, Brussel sprouts, squash, beans, and peas. Next year the Kindergarten and preschool classes will work together to harvest their fruits and vegetables and keep the garden thriving!