Physical Education Spotlight

PE Class- Developing Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Cooperation

PE in December teaching cooperation through group activities and encouraging teamwork through identification as part of a team. The social skills learned in PE can stay with children throughout their lives, increasing the chance that they’ll become involved in sports, take leadership roles in their classrooms, and hopefully build lasting relationships with classmates. Good social skills develop confidence, contributing to academic performance, and positive mental health too.

When St. Monica PE students are stressed, they struggle to focus and manage their emotions properly. Mr. Cory keeps students active with Christmas/Winter based PE games and activities to boost their mental health by having fun!  This December, we stay active with Floor Hockey, Decorate the Cookie, Freeze/Melt evasion/agility challenge, and Sleigh relays (A St. Monica PE Holiday Tradition)! These aerobic activities are a great way to relieve stress, promote positive mental health, and enhance learning aptitude. Mr. Cory’s goal is for a happier and healthier student experience this December, which will lead us into 2021.