Newton Scooters and Hour of Code

Newton Scooters and Hour of Code at St. Monica Middle School

What an impressive show of knowledge and understanding; the Newton Scooter Project in 5th Grade Science went very well.  Newton would be proud! Thank you parents for your support. Every student did an outstanding job, and all seemed to enjoy themselves!  As part of the Forces Unit, the 5th graders are learning about force as pushes and pulls, net force, various forms of friction as resistant forces, gravitational ‘pull’, momentum and it’s conservation, centripetal force… as well as centrifugal.  In general, 5th Grade Science is a diluted version of an introduction to mechanics (physics) class and are doing great.

Recently, all K-8 Math classes at St. Monica Catholic School participated in the annual “Hour of Code” and had a great learning experience doing so.  The Hour of Code is a worldwide effort designed to make computer “code” a bit more tangible; it is a “one-hour” introduction to coding using a variety of grade-level tutorials.  This year, many of the students enjoyed the Star Wars and Minecraft tutorials while others ventured into Java-based scripting.

Key aspects of St. Monica Catholic School’s Math Program include,

  • Monica School seeks to provide a strong foundation in mathematics appropriate to the needs of our students; exceed both the State and Archdiocese goals.
  • The standards-based curriculum of the courses, grades 6-8, includes concepts normally covered in grades 7-9 in many other schools.
  • We consider student needs in conjunction with the competitive landscape, offer accelerated options (grades 6-8), and provide small group support.

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