Burgers for Better Schools

Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools

Help our school raise money all year long with Burgers for Better Schools! It’s free to join
and easy to participate. All you have to do is become a Red Robin Royalty member, select
our school, and Red Robin will donate 1% of all purchases you make at participating
locations. Learn more at redrobin.com/betterschools

Bing Rewards

Microsoft provides a Bing Rewards Program where, just by searching on Bing.com, you earn rewards which then may be donated to the school. With every 30,000 rewards, St. Monica School will earn a new Microsoft Surface. Sixty participants donating regularly can earn a surface a month for the school.

It is easy to do and there is nothing to install. Go to http://www.bing.com/explore/rewards-b to get started. You will see your points tabulated in the upper right hand side of your screen on the Bing.com page similar to that shown below. By clicking on the award ribbon, you can see how many rewards you can still earn for the day and donate credits (by clicking ‘Redeem‘) to the school when you have acquired more than 50 rewards. To find St. Monica School in the list of schools, use our zip code 98040 and you will see St. Monica School second to last of the list.