New! High School Class Offerings

St. Monica Catholic Academy
Pilot High School Class Offering for 2020-2021

St. Monica Catholic School will be launching our St. Monica Academy High School pilot program serving students in the 9th-11th grades for the 2020-21 school year. Our course offering will be available individually or a core curriculum of 6 transferable high school course credits. The high school schedule allows students to participate in after-school sports at their home high school, which is highly encouraged.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:40-9:35 Algebra & Geometry Algebra & Geometry Algebra & Geometry Algebra & Geometry Mass
9:37-10:17 Open Latin Latin Latin Algebra & Geometry
10:19-10:34 Break Break Break Break Break
10:39-11:59 Open Biology Open Biology Open
12:03-12:43 Theology American History Theology American History Open
12:48-1:28 Theology American History Theology American History
1:30-2:10 American Literature & Composition American Literature & Composition American Literature & Composition American Literature & Composition American Literature & Composition

Possible addition of Art History and Music Theory, time to be determined.

Tuition and Fees

Each course is $1,000 plus a one-time $200 application/registration fee for the first child and $50 each additional child.

Students are responsible for books and supplies. Lockers and Study Hall space provided.

Apply Online

For more information about the high school course offerings contact Martha Ritter at

Classical Liberal Arts High School Courses
How is a “classical” curriculum different from what they’re doing in other schools?

Classical schools teach all of the subjects in an integrated manner. History, literature, philosophy, and theology pursued together to create a rich experience with history throughout time.

Classical schools aim to cultivate wisdom and virtue through teaching students Latin, exposing them to “Great Books” and focusing on appreciation of “beauty, goodness, and truth.”

Classical versus Secular
Ordered toward eternal happiness  Ordered toward material ends 
Integration of subjects, knowledge, faith Fragmented, industrialized   
Restores meaning and purpose  Focus on practical skills 
Awakes wonder  Emphasis on information   
Nurtures the moral imagination  Ignores the moral imagination   
Cultivates habits of rigorous thinking    One mile wide, one inch deep 
Constant discussion = active learning Lectures + testing = passive learning
Develops intellectual freedom Limits theological exposure
High School Latin 

This course is designed for the enthusiastic and disciplined learner. It is a grammar-based course that will have students reading original and edited works by the Ancients from day one. It is structured to follow an advanced High School curriculum; Latin I and II the first two years, Latin III – Selected Authors (or UWHS 103) and Latin IV – Caesar & Vergil (Advanced Placement).