Make a Difference

Make a Difference Campaign:  Bridge the Gap for Catholic Educators
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Catholic teaching is a ministry. Our teachers and staff at St. Monica Catholic School humbly answer this call by investing after-hour, weekend and non-instructional time to ensure that our students get the very best education.

Recently, the Washington State legislature compelled districts to compensate public school teachers to comply with the Supreme Court ruling found in McCleary vs. Washington. In King County this means the average pay increase for public school educators was over 20%. Our Catholic school educators were not beneficiaries of this generous pay raise and the Seattle Archdiocese is unable to provide similar or equitable support and teacher pay. Moreover, the cost of living in Seattle is among the highest in the country yet our teachers, driven by their calling as parochial educators, remain dedicated to St. Monica School. A calling that can only be defined as divine.

The Make a Difference portion of this year’s St. Monica Auction will strive to make a difference in the lives of our educators here at St. Monica and will help St. Monica recruit other talented educators. These funds will show our gratitude for their unwavering dedication to Catholic tradition and the promotion of faith through educating our children.

All funds collected through this endeavor will go towards the following:

Professional Development

  • Slingerland for New Educators
  • Slingerland for Continued Support
  • Catholic Liberal Arts Professional Development and Training

Salaries / Stipends 

  • Ministry “signing bonus” for our educators who commit to teaching at SMS for the next few years
  • Wish list classroom supplies because the average teacher spends over $300 of her own money towards classroom supplies each year
  • Guest educators to teach Latin, Student Support and Catechesis development

Rigorous Enrichment & Curriculum Adoption for Student Development

  • Saxon Math Full-School Adoption
  • Adoption of new rigorous Language Arts Curriculum
  • Spirit and Truth Religion Full-School Adoption

All donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, Federal Tax ID# 91-0724244.