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The Global Reading Challenge is a cooperative effort between the King County Library System and local schools. This is a “Battle of the Books” style program that allows 4th and 5th graders across the county to work together as a team and challenge other schools to correctly answer questions about the selected books. The goal is to encourage students at all reading levels to engage in teamwork while reading some of the best in children’s literature. Challenge questions are based on specific and factual information within the books.

Initially, a challenge is held at the individual school level.  This challenge will be held sometime around Mid-February.  The top team from St. Monica School will proceed to the Mercer Island school district challenge, with that winner moving on the Regional semi-finals.  Regional winners compete in the Grand Challenge to become the King County Winner.  Last year’s winning St. Monica team, “The Geek Squad,” competed brilliantly at the school district challenge!

Teams consist of 7 members and will be formed by random drawing with adjustment by Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Fulwiler, and Mrs. Zipp to guarantee that a variety of reading levels exist on each team.  Students are responsible for being part of their team, and should commit themselves to participating throughout the process.  Teams without 7 members will not be allowed to compete at the challenges.  Students’ responsibilities include choosing a team captain, choosing a team name, and designing a strategy for how their team will be responsible for reading the books.  There are 10 books, which will be announced in October.  These books are selected and provided by the King County Library System.

If you have any questions or concerns about this exciting opportunity, please let Mrs. DeBruyne know as soon as possible.  Permission slips need to be turned in September.   Teams will be drawn later in September.   Thank you in advance for your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm!

For more information about the books that they read, visit the Global reading Challenge 2015 link