St. Monica Catholic School motivates and encourages our children to reach their highest potential by offering a challenging curriculum and a supportive environment, designed to empower them with knowledge and self-discipline.

“As an educator, I entrust my children’s education to St. Monica’s teachers. They have proven repeatedly to go above and beyond to ensure that my children all have very differentiated, specialized, and individual paths in their education journey.” St. Monica Parent

Small Class Sizes

Low student-teacher ratio enables our teachers to provide one-to-one access to all our students

Slingerland Method for Literacy, Phonics, and Handwriting

Reading fluency, Decoding, Reading comprehension, Basic writing skills, Phonemic awareness, Handwriting, word recognition and Oral language skillsĀ 

Curriculum Specialists

Latin, Spanish, Art & Music

Instruction Technology Throughout the School

A balanced approach between Catholic Liberal Arts and the use of current technology to enhance instruction. Technology Philosophy