Kindergarten Update

We’re off to a great start for the 2019-20 school year!

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”
Saint John Paul the Great




Kindergarten at St. Monica

My name is Sarah Moffat, and I am excited to be the new Kindergarten teacher here at St. Monica Catholic School this school year. I have been teaching in PreK at St. Monica for the last three years and have been enjoying moving up with some of the students from PreK into Kindergarten. We have also had the lovely opportunity of welcoming two new students to our St. Monica Kindergarten class this year. We have all spent the first two weeks of school getting to know each other, building new friendships and learning lots of new things. In math, we have been focusing on learning how to count and write our numbers. In writing, we have been learning how to write our letters h, l, and b using the new Slingerland approach to teach reading, writing and spelling at our school.

Together we have all been learning many new routines, getting to know new teachers, and learning how to walk in the hallway to all our many new specialist classes that we get to go to this year. One of the classes that the students are excited for each week is music class with Mr. Peter Murphy. For one of our music classes each week Kindergarten gets to attend music with the First graders. Below is a picture of the Kindergarten and First grade classes sitting patiently for Mr. Murphy in music last week.