School Hours & Drop Off / Pick Up procedures

Main Campus

St. Monica Catholic School opens the doors for students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade at 8:05 am, for the 8:15 am first period bell. For the safety of our students, you are encouraged to use the “valet” drop off line. Stay warm and dry in your car while members of our faculty and staff meet your student and assist in the opening and closing of car doors and backpack wrangling.

Dismissal is at 2:00 pm on Wednesday and 3:00 pm all other normal school days. Students can be met in the upper parking lot adjacent to the gymnasium.

PreK- Early Learning Center

For the safety of our smallest students, and to eliminate parking lot congestion, PreK Drop off is staggered. PreK Students arriving in a carpool, or with siblings that attend the “Big School”, arrive at 8:05 am, while all other PreK students arrive at 8:15 am. Licensing requires that all PreK children be walked to the PreK building and signed in and out daily.

Dismissal is at 12 noon on Wednesday and 3:00 pm all other normal school days.

Office Hours

St. Monica Catholic School takes the security and safety of our students seriously. During school hours, the St. Monica Campus is locked. The main entrance is equipped with security cameras and we require all visitors, volunteers, parents or deliveries to be “buzzed-in” and then “signed in” at the front office. We appreciate your patience.

For your convenience our school office is open 7:30 am – 3:30 pm school days

Office 206-232-5432
Fax 206-275-2874

Office General Email