Homeschool Classes

Homeschool “Singuli” Classes

We are off to a great start with our Homeschool “singuli” (Latin for individual) classes here at St. Monica Catholic School for the 2019-20 school year.

Homeschool students may participate in Wednesdays Latin and Literacy/Writing courses. The 4-5 Latin will use the Minimus Pupil’s Book; Starting out in Latin Paperback by Barbara Bell and the 6-8 Latin class will use the North American Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 Student’s Book 5th Edition by Cambridge School Classics Project. In addition to these texts basic prayers in Latin will be introduced once the basics are established. The Literacy/Writing courses will be using classic novels.

What is happening now in the classrooms:

“What exactly is the vault of the heavens mentioned in Genesis 1? Why is Jonah considered a prophet if he sought the destruction of the people to whom he was called to preach? Was Cain’s murder an act of love for God (however deformed that love may have been)?” This is only a small handful of the question’s students have asked and sought to answer in our Literature class so far. The class has been a joy to be a part of. I genuinely look forward to it. This month, we are reading through the book of Genesis, which is among the most ancient works of literature in the Western cannon. As we read, we are learning how to converse, how to ask our own questions, and how to search for the truth, both together and independently. I am blessed to have these students for partners in that search. I look forward to our next conversation, and I especially look forward to reading their first major paper.


Grammar, grammar, grammar! We are working on foundations of Latin grammar, specifically, how it magically translates and clarifies English grammar.  We are reading, translating and memorizing the Signum Crucis (Sign of the Cross), Gloria Patri (Glory Be) and Pater Noster (Our Father) in Ecclesiastical Latin while looking at the Classical origins and differences in pronunciation and, of course, grammar! The goal is to create our own Illuminated Prayer Book with the most beloved prayers. These fantastic students are already reading adapted passages in Latin, they are making bold leaps with vocabulary and making great insights into Roman culture and society just by looking at the way the language and words are used.

Please see schedule below.

Interested in enrolling:
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Contact Jamie North, Advancement Director at for additional information. Once we receive your application our registrar will contact you with next steps in registering.

Wednesday Latin & Literary Analysis/Writing

Latin 6-8 or Lit/Writing 4-5: 9:42 – 10:27 a.m.
Lit/Writing 6-8 or Latin 4-5: 10:29 – 11:15 a.m.
Library available until 10:30 for quite time in between Mass & classes

Tuition & Fees
  • Application Fee $150
  • Supply Fee $100
  • Latin only $400
  • Literature only $400