Holy Week in the Early Learning Center 

Holy Week in the Early Learning Center

Students have been focusing on prayer, fasting, and service during this Lent season. We have also been learning about the amazing miracles that Jesus performed to show his love for others. Today we took the day to read and reenact Holy Week, Jesus’ last week on Earth, and His resurrection.

Palm Sunday

The beginning of Holy Week. Jesus rode into the town of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. After cutting out their own paper palm leaf, students reenacted Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem.

Holy Thursday

Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples and washed his disciple’s feet. Students drank grape juice and ate bread to represent the blood of Christ and the body of Christ that they shared with the disciples during this Passover meal. A few friends volunteered to simulate washing of the feet.

Good Friday

We remember the Lord’s passion, the pain and suffering he endured, and his death.

The students made a small crucifix as a symbol of Jesus’ death upon the wooden cross. A reminder of Our Savior and what he endured for humanity. A few volunteers reenacted the moment Jesus was nailed to the cross.

Easter Sunday: The Resurrection

Students end this special day of learning with a special egg hunt. Hidden in each egg are stickers with Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Resurrection, the Ascension, and the Easter egg representing new life. We have been blessed with a beautiful sunny day, a perfect backdrop for squeals of delight. At the end of the egg hunt, each student was given a Lent egg and a small baby chick.