High School Pilot Program

St. Monica Academy
Catholic Classical Liberal Arts High School Pilot Program

St. Monica Catholic School, as a ministry and tool of evangelization of St. Monica Catholic Church on Mercer Island, currently provides a Catholic Classical Liberal Arts education for grades PreK through 8. In addition, in 2020, our school initiated a small, unaccredited high school pilot program to meet the needs of families who desired a Catholic Classical Liberal Arts curriculum that moved beyond the Logic stage (middle school) into the Rhetoric stage (high school).

Through intellectual friendship with a close group of classmates and faculty, students systematically explore the universal human questions that have occupied Catholic culture and thought throughout two millennia. We seek to help families form young people who pursue joy, beauty, and virtue in their learning and their relationships. Our aim is to nurture clarity of thought and love for truth, guided by the wisdom of the Catholic Church.

During its first three years of existence, St. Monica Academy has operated as a pilot program under the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle and a homeschool extension under Washington State law. The 2022-2023 school year will likely be the final year of our pilot. We are in the process of applying for recognition from the Seattle Archdiocese. If approved, we would enter the Western Catholic Education Association’s accreditation cycle beginning in the fall of 2023.

Below you can find information related to coursework and our application process. More detailed descriptions of the program and curriculum can be found here:
An Introduction to St. Monica Academy St. Monica Academy Curriculum

Schedule & Descriptions 2022-2023

Click the button below for the current schedule and course descriptions. The 2022-2023 schedule will follow the Medieval Year course plan.
SMA Course Schedule & Descriptions

Curriculum Cycle

St. Monica Academy provides a core curriculum of high school courses with a classical pedagogy and a traditional liberal arts curriculum. At SMA, parents will find a school that helps prepare their children to model Christian virtue, communicate effectively, think logically, contribute to the common good, and pursue truth. In addition, they will discover comprehensive instruction in the conventional subjects that include theology, literature & writing, history, mathematics, science, and Latin.

St. Monica Academy Classical Liberal Arts Curriculum

Ancient Year

(9th Grade)

Medieval Year (10th Grade) Modern Year

(11th Grade)

American Year (12th Grade)
Theology Pentateuch and Synoptic Gospels; Apostolic and Patristic Theology Historical Books and the Acts of the Apostles; Medieval Theology Prophets and Pauline Literature; Modern Theology from the Counter-Reformation to the Enlightenment Wisdom and Johannine Literature; American Catholicism and Contemporary Theology
History Ancient History to 8th Century AD (Greece, Rome, China, Arabia, India) Medieval History (Rome, Byzantium, Russia) Renaissance and Modernity (Reformation, Colonial Age, Industrial Revolution) American History (17th century to present)
Literature Classical Literature Medieval Masterworks Modern and British Literature American Literature
Science Physics Biology General Chemistry The Scientific Revolution (Calculus and Advanced Physics)
Latin Latin I Latin II Latin III* Latin IV or AP Latin
Mathematics Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra II Geometry, Algebra II, or Precalculus/


Algebra II, Precalculus/

Trigonometry, or Statistics

Art Visual Art Visual Art * *
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education * *
Tuition and Fees 2022-2023
Tuition & Fees Details

We look forward to welcoming you to St. Monica Academy. Don’t hesitate to contact our Advancement Director, Jamie North, at 206-232-5432 or jnorth@stmonicasea.org if you have any questions.