First Grade

Hello from First Grade!

We are so excited to be entering into a school year filled with learning, exploration and fun! First Grade has 17 blessings from God this year! There are 11 boys and 6 girls in our class! The students have loved learning about the Bible and how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were inspired by the Holy Spirit. We have spent a lot of time discussing prayer and how to act with the virtue of Charity in mind.

We are starting our unit on Solids and Liquids with an emphasis on Buoyancy. We will be exploring this concept on our Field trip next month to The Center for Wooden Boats! The First Graders will have the opportunity to build toy boats and then paddle around Lake Union in boat together! The students are looking forward to putting science into action!

Have no fear, we are not getting a new First Grade teacher next month! Miss Finnerty is changing her last name! I will be getting married on the 19th of October and returning as Mrs. Gately! Thank you for your prayers and support! The students are so exited about changing my name-they keep joking that they will have a new teacher soon.

The school is such a blessing. I am thrilled to be a teacher here!