First Grade Spotlight

What a year this already has been! I am honored to be the first grade teacher at St. Monica! For those of you that may not know me, my name is Megan Gately. This is my fourth year teaching at St. Monica. I have 18 fabulous students this year! We are in the Greek Year.  The students will be learning various aspects of ancient Greece as well as Greek mythology! The attached picture shows their best Grecian Olympian poses!

I am so excited to welcome my students in person this week! They have been doing such a wonderful job throughout remote learning, but we are all looking forward to engaging dialogue and some in-person fun! Over the past few weeks of remote learning, the students have learned about the Holy Trinity. This week the students will be focusing on their Guardian Angels. I am looking forward to having the students in the classroom. This will promote more conversation and rich interaction.

Although this year will be a bit different, I am encouraged by the students’ ability to adapt. We are making the best of being socially distant and I am impressed by the understanding and respect the students are exhibiting. This is going to be a fantastic year! Thank you for your many prayers as we continue to navigate this ever-changing time of our lives!

With gratitude,

Megan Gately