February 2017 Spanish News

Se Habla Español con la Señora Gómez-Lewis

The students have been working hard and having fun learning in the Spanish room! During the month of February, the students will be working on:

PreK – Students continue to learn colors, numbers, emotions, and face parts. To reinforce vocabulary learning, we sing Fray Felipe, Los Saludos, and Los Colores song.

Kindergarten – Students can sing the alphabet song, can recall colors and recite numbers from 1 to 50. They continue to learn family members. To reinforce vocabulary we have been reading books about la familia.

First Grade – Students continue to learn classroom objects. They will put the small book together and will begin to learn about la ropa (clothing vocabulary).

Second Grade – In cross-curriculum with their homeroom, students will learn reptile’s vocabulary. We will read books, listen to songs, and watch videos to reinforce vocabulary. They will also learn basic descriptive words and will write a complete sentence describing a reptile.

Third Grade – Students continue to review the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year. They will review/learn clothing items. They will work on writing descriptive sentences using the verb llevar (to wear) and colors. They will dress up a doll and describe what the doll is wearing using colors.

Fourth Grade – Students will learn about family members. They will learn descriptive words to draw and describe their different immediate family members.

Fifth Grade – Students will review/learn about the weather, the calendar, and useful classroom phrases. They received letters from the Mary Bloom’s school. They will translate the letters into English and will write letters back to the students in Puno. Peru.

Sixth Grade – Students continue to practice the subject pronouns and the verb SER to talk where they and other people are from. They will also to talk about different activities using the verb gustar + verb in the infinitive form. On a cultural note, they will read about Latino performers and will begin their Latin America country report.

Seventh Grade – Students continue with their practice of definite and indefinite articles (el/la/las/los/un/una/unas/unos) in Spanish. They will learn how to use adjective with nouns (noun-adjective agreement). They will practice using them in context through writing, readings, and audio listening. On a cultural note, they will read about Los Cascarones. They will prepare to take a test on Unidad 1, lesson 2 from the textbook Avancemos!

Eighth Grade – students continue to practice the verbs tener, tener que, _ar ending verbs, and frequency Spanish words. They will work on developing their listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills through a series of exercises, and they will prepare to take a Unidad 2, lesson 1 test.

¡Gracias y hasta pronto! Señora Gómez