FAQ for Back to School

School Starts on September 1, 2020
School Supplies

Reminder- each student paid a $200 Educational Tech/Curriculum/ School Supplies fee during registration for the needed consumable supplies such as pencils, paper, folders, etc… Please see the School Supply List 20-21 for additional items by grade that students need to provide.


We will be providing devices for all students in grades K-5 for in-person and remote learning. All students in grades 6-8 are expected to provide their own device for in-person and remote learning school that has the full capabilities of a laptop PC. MS 2020-21 BYOD Instructions (Bring your own device instructions.)

St. Monica Catholic School offers Internet access, Microsoft Office 365 accounts, and St. Monica provided technology for student use. All students and parents will need to read and sign our Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) for student use of all computers, software, accounts, and Internet access provided by St. Monica for in-person and remote learning. Please download, read, sign, and bring with you to your assigned Tech Day. AUP Authorization

School Start

The school start date will be the following:

As most know, we were ready to start in-person instruction on August 31st. This plan now needs to be amended, since the Seattle Archdiocese/Office of Catholic Schools announced that all Catholic schools have been mandated to start remotely last Thursday.

To keep everyone – teachers, students, and their families – safe and healthy, we will have decided to have a “Tech Camp” slow start, Sept. 1-3, with staggered in-person school preparation prior to starting the school year remotely.  We need to safely get supplies, textbooks, technology training, and some initial relationship-building to our students before classes “officially” start remotely.

  • September 1-3, St. Monica school will run three half-day (AM) programs to familiarize students with the new procedures related to this document. The student body will be split into thirds once we have more accurate enrollment numbers. Group Alpha would attend September 1 and stay home on September 2nd and 3rd, and group Omega will attend September 2nd and stay home on September 1st and 3rd. Group Chi-Rho would attend September 3rd and stay home on September 1st and 2nd.
  • We will send out the roster and schedules when all the details are finalized. Families will not be split.
  • These days will act as a “tech camp,” where students will experience a day of school under the new protocols to identify and correct any problems.

Tuesday, September 8, will be our first full day of school for all students remotely.

Uniforms and Uniform Exchange

All students Prek – 8th grade will be required to wear a uniform whether we are in-person or remote learning.

Uniforms are practical, economical, reinforce a school’s traditions and educational vision—and they make it a snap to get ready for school!

We partner with both Dennis Uniform & Land’s End school uniform. Please use these codes when ordering, Land’s End: www.landsend.com School Code: 900163767 and Dennis Uniform: www.dennisuniform.com School Code: XTM450.

Uniform Exchange is available in the Library between 11 am-2 pm Monday through Thursday.  If that time frame doesn’t work, please email Michelle Klecan to coordinate.  The Uniform Exchange is “unmanned” so we ask that you tidy up after you have “shopped”.  There is no cost.  Please come by and check it out.

Service Hours
  • The total volunteer commitment is 30 hours per family and academic year. Parents must have current Background Checks and SEP training completed to volunteer.
  • Minimum community service hours are required for middle school students.
Hot Lunch Program

Lunch Ladies is proud to provide our school lunches for the 2020/2021 school year. Registration and ordering will be available soon. Each lunch will come with the main entrée and fruit and vegetables depending on the main entrée. Pizza lunches come with carrots and treat. They will be offering several hot and cold items each day. Larger size on any of the items can be purchased for an additional cost. Ala carte items such as extra fruit, cookies, brownies, water and juice for $1.00

Ordering can be done weekly, monthly, or daily by 8 pm for the next day.
See instructions HERE to create an online account. It’s really easy to use but should you have any questions please contact us at 425-444-9573 or by email Wendy at  w-szabo@hotmail.com.

CYO Sports

2020 UPDATE – Soccer Season will be delayed/modified, and subject to change. If the season must be altered further, a decision will be made by September 1st. Please visit the K-8 Soccer Page under the CYO Athletics Manual tab to view the new timeline for the season. Currently, we will need to be in Phase 4 to be able to resume games and there are two timelines in place:
1)The Fall Soccer Season will be delayed 3 weeks to late September/early October.
2) Cancel Fall Soccer Season and move K – 3rd Grade to Spring Season.

Rebate Programs


We are currently listed as St. Monica Parish in the Amazon Smile directory. Our profile to St. Monica Catholic School, but it takes a little while to change in the system. Thanks for supporting us through your Amazon purchases! Amazon Smile is now in the mobile app (a significant amount of purchasing happens through the app, not the website).  Instructions for setting it up are here: http://smile.amazon.com


St. Monica Catholic School offers the Scrip fundraising program to all school families, parishioners, and school supporters. As a school organization, we can buy gift cards (referred to as “Scrip”) at a discount and resell them at face value, thereby raising funds for our school.

Once your account is set-up though www.shopwithscrip.com and PrestoPay account is verified, you will be able to order and print gift card vouchers for immediate use. Many Scrip vendors offer online vouchers that may be ordered by smartphones and shown to cashier at checkout. Scrip to Go is on sale every day in the school office. Stop by and will answer any questions. https://stmonicasea.org/giving/scrip/