School Learning Expectations

Teaching must be 100% about the kids. Every, single, child deserves to be part of a classroom where they are loved and known well.


The six virtues of a St. Monica Catholic School Crusader are reverence, justice, studiousness, fortitude, prudence, and temperance. These virtues should mark student conduct in the classrooms, on the school grounds, at co-curricular school functions, and at home and in the community.

St. Monica Catholic School Crusaders are:

Faithful Catholics who model the virtues of Reverence and Justice.

ReverenceShowing profound respect, awe, and love directed toward God. Crusaders demonstrate reverence by full, conscious, and active participation at Mass and daily prayer; and an authentic openness to encountering Jesus. Crusaders know and practice the basic truths of the Catholic faith.

Justice Being fair and giving each, beginning with God, his due while speaking, thinking, and acting kindly. Crusaders demonstrate justice by striving to be peacemakers; appreciating differences; and treating their peers, property, and authority with honesty and respect.

Life-Long Learners who model the virtues of Studiousness and Fortitude.

StudiousnessSeeking knowledge to grow closer to truth. Crusaders demonstrate studiousness by seeking and effectively communicating the true, the good, and the beautiful; diligently giving full effort and participation; and developing an understanding that this pursuit is a matter of moral obligation.

FortitudeBeing brave and strong in the face of challenges for the sake of what is good. Crusaders demonstrate fortitude by thinking critically to make sense of problems with patience and perseverance. Crusaders are curious, acknowledge the good in others, and share talents for the greater glory of God.

Responsible citizens who model the virtues of Prudence and Temperance.

PrudenceReasoning and acting appropriately in any given situation. Crusaders demonstrate prudence by putting the needs of others ahead of their own, developing a spirit of service. Crusaders listen, follow instructions, and demonstrate obedience, recognizing that rules are made for the good.

TemperanceEnjoying things in a proper and balanced way. Crusaders demonstrate temperance by being servant leaders, controlling impulses, maintaining order in one’s daily life, and respecting and caring for all God’s creation.