Distinguished Graduates 2018

2018 Catholic School Distinguished Graduates-Luke & Eddie Janicki

Luke & Eddie Janicki are the sons of Margo Janicki.  Luke and Eddie graduated from St. Monica Catholic School in 2007.  We are excited to have a double blessing this year with two distinguished graduates honoring the values of Catholic education! We are honored to have them share their lessons learned throughout their years of Catholic education.

After graduating from St. Monica School, Luke & Eddie continued their Catholic education at Eastside Catholic High School. Both Luke & Eddie followed high school at Gonzaga University. This makes 17 years of quality Catholic education out of 24 years of life and St. Monica was the start of it all!

Luke & Eddie not only believe in the value of a Catholic education, they believe that authentic Catholic education informs and builds a foundation of faith. It is this faith that added to their lessons learned throughout their Catholic education. They continue to value the virtues in their daily life, as they are essential to how they view the world. More important the relationships formed and the unique character that is essential to how people view them. Luke and Eddie hope that the people they meet recognize something unique in them and trace it back to the people and experiences that have shaped them.

If actions speak more loudly than words, then Luke & Eddie Janicki have their life proclaiming their faith through Catholic education. The St. Monica Catholic School community is very proud to honor Luke & Eddie Janicki as our 2018 Distinguished Graduates!

Presentation at Mass January 28, 2018