Curriculum Objectives

Laying the Foundation: Curriculum Objectives Stage by Stage

Each of the core disciplines has its role to play in the building up of the whole, and each has its own more specific set of objectives for the different stages at which it is being taught. Quite simply, at each stage, we want children to know things they ought to be able to do, habits, dispositions, or aptitudes they ought to have acquired or been acquiring. Considering these in detail and light of the general objectives of each subject, and considering each subject in light of the overall end, teachers in specific subjects and at specific stages can see how each stage builds upon the previous stage, how their work contributes to the ‘finished product,’ and how they can tailor specific classes and methods to serve these ideas more effectively.

The curriculum is divided into the following developmental and historical segments:

Lower Grammar Stage

Kindergarten: The Cradle of Civilization Years
Grade 1: The Greek Years
Grade 2: The Roman Years

Upper Grammar Stage

Third Grade: The Medieval Years
Fourth Grade: The Modern Years
Fifth Grade: The American Years

Logic Stage

Sixth Grade: The Ancient Years
Seventh Grade: The Christendom Years
Eighth Grade: The New World Years