St. Monica Parish Youth Group

Get charged up for Christ! Edge is the new Middle School Creation inspired by the Holy Spirit!

Edge delivers the Gospel message in a dynamic and personal manner, reaching you where you are right now as 6th, 7th, and 8th graders! This is a supercharged exploration of faith! Edge discovers the faith and answers your questions! Gather with other Catholic middle school students – Listen to music, play outrageous games, make new friends, put on skits, make some posters, and connect with Christ through Scripture and Prayer! Bring friends! All are welcome at Edge! For information contact our youth minister, Raelynne Scott or check out the Parish website

A note from Raelynne:

Hello St. Monica Middle School Families,

I hope all of you are well! I’ve missed being around these past months, but am happy to report that my beautiful daughter, Kateri, is a healthy and joyful 3-month old baby.

Since I am back to work, all programs have resumed, but this Wednesday the Early Release Pizza Lunch will be canceled because of the 12pm Distribution of Ashes service and lunch afterward. Please join in and attend the service and lunch, Kateri and I will be there!

I am still working on a Spring event calendar that I will send out to you soon. That being said, youth group is back in full swing on Tuesday nights at 7pm! Next week on Tuesday, March 7, we are having a Prayer & Praise service during youth group in the church; parents and families are invited!

On Saturday, March 11 is the annual Junior High Rally. The Rally is an awesome event designed to celebrate Catholic Youth in grades 6-9. During the event, over 600 youth from Washington, Oregon and Canada come together for an interactive day where they will have the opportunity to meet new people, listen to talks that will deepen their faith, and be invited to participate in various interactive activities. The day will end with the celebration of mass!

The Rally will be held at Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, WA from 8:00am – 8:00pm. I highly recommend having your child attend this event, even if your child can’t make the full day! The Rally is a great introduction for your children to experience the greater Catholic Community and to open their eyes to the fact that, “they are not the only one.” For more information and to register yourself, click here.

I plan to register the group as a whole, but you are welcome to register your child(ren) separately. Please note that the individual fees increase as the day approaches…
$65 – February 28- March 6 (online registration closes) $75 – At the door if space permits.
Please email me if you would like to have your child(ren) attend and if you are available to drive and/or chaperone.

(206)232-9829 x 117