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The idea of children dealing with a terminal illness or disease is difficult to talk about. At St. Monica School, we model servant leadership, providing our students with the tools to navigate these difficult experiences so that they grow in love and compassion.

Sparrow Club is proof that you’re never too young to make a difference. As the nation’s only youth-based charity of its kind, Sparrow Clubs provide financial and emotional support for ill children and their families and empowers “kids to help kids” through charitable service to their communities. Together our St. Monica School Children and the Sparrow family, faculty, and greater Mercer Island community embrace this communication.

St. Monica School is proud to have the longest, continuous partnership with the Sparrow Club organization of any organization. Our students have embraced each of our fourteen sparrows, and we are continually amazed at their capacity to love. This year our St. Monica School Sparrow is Carmel, and we are thrilled to welcome her into our St. Monica community and support her on her journey.

Watch a summary of her story here.

SPARROW CLUB SERVICE VOUCHER- Carmel Hartman Voucher Carmel Hartman Voucher Back

Students earn 10 service credits per hour of legitimate community service documented on this voucher. A minimum of 2,560 service credits is required to earn the $2,560 Sparrow Cash provided by our Sparrow Project Sponsor. Additional service credits increase the community benefit and overall impact of our project.

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