Curriculum Objectives

Laying the Foundation: Curriculum Objectives Stage by Stage Each of the core disciplines has its role to play in the building up of the whole, and each has its own more specific set of objectives for the different stages at which it is being taught. Quite simply, at each stage, we want children to know … Continue Reading »

Walk to Math with Saxon Math

Walk to Math Our schedule is set to simultaneously have math class first period in the whole school, allowing students to attend the math class at their instructional level. A few students from each class “walk” up to their level math class to meet their individual needs and provide an appropriate academic challenge. Using Saxon … Continue Reading »

The Slingerland Method

The Slingerland Method: Improving Literacy at St. Monica St. Monica’s PreK through Fourth Grade teachers and our reading specialists are certified in the Slingerland Approach for teaching literacy. The Slingerland Approach was originally designed to help students with dyslexia and other spelling, reading, writing, and speaking challenges. Still, many general education teachers have found it … Continue Reading »

Middle School Science

6th Ancient Natural Philosophy We begin the month of November by practicing forming our good habits of observation. We will briefly cover an introduction to inductive and deductive reasoning (the basic kinds of reasoning for scientific thought). This month marks the end of our short introduction to the foundations of natural science—and with it, a beginning of an introduction to honing the … Continue Reading »

A Peek at 6th Grade History

St. Monica Catholic School follows a Catholic Liberal Arts model. One key component of our curriculum is our classical time period. Each grade focuses on a specific era in history. They are as follows: Kindergarten – The Cradle of Civilization Year First Grade – The Greek Year Second Grade – The Roman Year Third Grade … Continue Reading »

News from the Stacks

Progress in the Stacks September is almost at a close, and school classes are in full swing. The St. Monica school library is slowly coming back together after the summer’s successful remodeling of the downstairs wing. While the library space diminished to add three new classrooms and the Atrium, the books have not. I have … Continue Reading »