FAQ for Back to School

School Starts on September 1, 2020 School Supplies Reminder- each student paid a $200 Educational Tech/Curriculum/ School Supplies fee during registration for the needed consumable supplies such as pencils, paper, folders, etc… Please see the School Supply List 20-21 for additional items by grade that students need to provide. Technology We will be providing devices … Continue Reading »

St. Monica Graduates Learn How to Learn

Mr. Klein’s Graduation Speech 2020 Mr. Klein studies literature, philosophy, and poetry with middle schoolers. He loves Socratic seminars, awkward silences, coffee, and cats. To educate our students properly, we must help them develop the virtues. What is our goal, as teachers? What are we hoping to accomplish? There are different ways to answer this. … Continue Reading »

New! High School Class Offerings

St. Monica Catholic Academy Pilot High School Class Offering for 2020-2021 St. Monica Catholic School will be launching our St. Monica Academy High School pilot program serving students in the 9th-11th grades for the 2020-21 school year. Our course offering will be available individually or a core curriculum of 6 transferable high school course credits. … Continue Reading »

Science Fair 2020

Mr. Okimoto, our Middle School Science Specialist, invites you to visit the Middle School Online Science Fair 2020! This year we will be showcasing each student’s Science Fair project with their very own web page! https://sciencefair.stmonicasea.org/ Please feel free to search or peruse the 29 different projects across four different grade levels. The students have … Continue Reading »

Updates in response to COVID-19

Archbishop Letter to the People on March 24, 2020 Bishop Mueggenborg Letter March 24, 2020 Pastoral Letter March 25, 2020 Dear Crusader Families, Update: St. Monica Catholic School will be closed for on-campus classes starting Monday, March 16 thru Friday, June 19. Dear Crusader Parents: Parents, thank you for partnering with us in this endeavor … Continue Reading »

Welcome from the Principal

On behalf of the faculty, staff, parents, and students, welcome to St. Monica Catholic School. We invite you to experience the uniqueness of a Catholic Classical Liberal Arts Education for students in preschool-grade 8. St. Monica School located on Mercer Island, minutes from I-90, between Seattle and Bellevue. In union with parents and guardians as … Continue Reading »

Second Grade

Second Grade is learning a new skill this year: Growth Mindset. “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” – Carol … Continue Reading »

Middle School Electives

Check out the incredible elective courses our Middle School students get to choose from each trimester. Course Name  Description  Studio Art  This course is for students with high motivation in further developing individual interest and skills in various forms of artistic expression. Students will investigate contextual perspectives of visual communication and visual culture while developing their … Continue Reading »