reading-buddies“I treasure the support of parents who send their children ready to learn each day.” – Mrs. Maher, 5th Grade Teacher and School Parent

Tuition Payment Plans

St. Monica Catholic School uses FACTS, an independent third party, to process tuition payments for domestic students. To learn more about tuition management please visit the FACTS website.

  • All families will set up FACTS accounts.
  • Tuition, After School Care, and classroom fees will be collected through FACTS.
  • Payments through FACTS can be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, bi-weekly (on the 5th & 20th each month), or monthly (If paying with credit/debit card you will be assessed an additional 2.85% processing fee).
Financial Aid

St. Monica Catholic School seeks a broad diversity in its student body and is committed to making its exceptional educational opportunities available to qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay. Like many Seattle Area Private Catholic Schools, we use Fulcrum Foundation to process financial aid applications. To begin your financial aid application for the 2018-19 school year, please follow the steps outlined below. You only have to complete one application, even if you have several children applying. A Fulcrum Foundation Hossfeld tuition assistance grant will provide $1,200 towards elementary tuition for the 2018-19 school year. Grant Applications are due February 5, 2018 for the 2018/2019 school year and are distributed to students in grades K-12 and awarded on the basis of financial need. To apply for a need based scholarship, please visit the Fulcrum Foundation website and apply directly.

Apply for Fulcrum Scholarship

For Families not receiving a Fulcrum Grant, the St. Monica Catholic School, in conjunction with our Parish Scholarship Committee, will review scholarship applications submitted via FACTS tuition aid portal and make determinations based on need. Families who receive Fulcrum assistance are eligible to apply for in-house tuition assistance as well.

Apply for In-house Tuition Assistance

**To be eligible for assistance, and for the Contributing Parishioner Tuition Rate, a current stewardship card must be on file at St. Monica Parish.

2017 Stewardship Card

2017-2018 St. Monica Catholic School Tuition & Fees

Children EnrolledContributing Parishioner TuitionMonthly over 12 months
One Child Preschool-8th $8,757 per student$729.75
Two Children$8111.50 per student$675.95
Three Children$7,497 per student$624.75
Fourth ChildFree
K-8th Non-Parishioner rate per child$11,885$990.42
P-3 & Pre-K Parishioner rate
Full Day$8,757$729.75
Early Release (3's only)$5,692$474.33
P-3 & Pre-K Non-Parishioner rate
Full Day$9,550$795.83
Early Release (3's only)$6,208$517.34
Registration Fees for the 2017/18 school year: $400 - New Family / $250 - Existing Family
All Registration Fees are non-refundable. For the 2017/18 school year the per child fundraising obligation is incorporated into the tuition. Revised 1/26/2017