School Uniform

Benefits of School Uniforms

The pressure tied to fashion in schools can be intense. That’s where a uniform comes in. With a uniform program, we eliminate the socioeconomic tension driven by fashion trends and high-end brands; only some families can afford while increasing safety on campus and distinguishing students within their community.

Uniforms are practical, economical, reinforce a school’s traditions and educational vision—and they make it a snap to get ready for school!

We partner with both Dennis Uniform & Land’s End school uniform.

Scrip for both Dennis Uniform (5% back) and Land’s End (16% back) is available; rebates are used to off-set our current school year operating budget. All script can be used online, in stores, or over the phone.

St. Monica’s School Codes:

Land’s End: School Code: 900163767
Dennis Uniform Click to Shop:
Parent Club maintains a “uniform exchange” option and throughout the year makes gently used uniforms available at no cost.

The St. Monica Catholic School dress code is listed below.

Green Sweatshirt with School Logo*, All grades
Sweater with Logo Green*, All grades
*Required for Friday Mass; either a green sweatshirt or sweater with LOGO.

Gym mesh shorts Forest Green, 4-8 required
Spirit Wear t-shirt for PE, 4-8 recommended

White polo shirt, All grades
Evergreen drop waist dress, PreK only
Jumper Sequoia, PreK-2 grades (jumpers may be worn in grade 3)
Skirt Sequoia, 3-5 grades (bike shorts recommended under skirts)
Skort Sequoia, 3-5 grades
Khaki Skirt/Skort, 6-8 grades
White or green anklets, knee highs or tights, All grades
Navy leggings, All grades
Navy Walking shorts or pants, PreK-5 grades
Khaki Walking shorts or pants, 6-8 grades

White Polo Shirt, All grades
Pants Navy twill or corduroy, PreK-5 grades
Pants Khaki Twill, 6-8 grades
Walking shorts Navy, PreK-5
Walking shorts Khaki, 6-8
White or green socks, All grades


Spirit Wear shirts and sweatshirts may be worn on Wednesdays with uniform bottoms. Spirit Wear is available twice a year through Cloud 9 Sportswear online sale and on Lands’ End all year long (different selections).


All students in Grades 4-8 are required to have a uniform for PE classes available through Lands’ End. These uniforms are the same for boys and girls, green mesh shorts with the school logo on the left side (required), and a white PE shirt with logo (recommended). The uniform polo shirt or an acceptable Spirit Wear t-shirt is also acceptable. All students, regardless of grade, must wear gym shoes during Physical Education class.


Themed Free Dress days are offered throughout the year for holidays and our Talent Show. We ask students to wear appropriate, neat clothing, which may include jeans, athletic pants, or proper shorts/skirts. Shirts may include t-Shirts, golf shirts, and team shirts or jerseys. We even have PJ themed days!

Clothing that is not allowed include; miniskirts, shirts with spaghetti straps, tank tops, and t-shirts with offensive or inappropriate language or content or any torn or ripped clothing, bicycle pants, tattered jeans or pants. Clothes that are skintight or are excessive in size, low riding pants, or low-cut tops. Bare midriffs are unacceptable. Hats are not allowed. The rule of thumb is that if you need to ask if it’s appropriate, it probably isn’t.