Action Plan

That Every Child May Flourish

St. Monica Catholic School
Executive Summary of the Action Plan, April 2018

GOAL I: Promote a Strong Catholic Identity
  1. Foster robust faith formation in order to prepare all students for Catholic service and leadership.
  2. Encourage the ongoing spiritual and religious formation of faculty and staff.
  3. Celebrate and share our faith with the greater community.
GOAL II: Provide Academic Excellence and Facilitate the Development of the Whole Child
  1. Promote education of the whole child – academic, spiritual, moral, physical, and social-emotional.
  2. Actualize curriculum to exceed grade-level standards.
  3. Continuously assess the effectiveness of our current curricular model to sustain academic rigor.
GOAL III: Attract, Develop, Support, and Retain High Quality Faculty
  1. Enhance the professional growth program to ensure teachers are deepening their content knowledge and instructional skills.
  2. Review and establish a compensation plan to ensure that all faculty receive competitive compensation.
  3. Establish a mentor program that partners new teachers with experienced teachers locally and regionally.
  4. Develop a sustainable evaluation, accountability and support plan.
GOAL IV: Attract and Retain Students Through Effective Execution of our Mission
  1. Review and update strategic marketing plan and materials.
  2. Define and implement retention plans for Pre-K student transition to K and the transition from 5th grade to the middle school.
  3. Ongoing effective communication of our Mission, Vision, and Values.
GOAL V: Maintain a Sustainable Financial Future
  1. Integrate annual budget process between parish and school.
  2. Create, review and revise the school’s 3-5 year forecasting model to implement best practices.
  3. Review and enhance year-round fundraising and long-term development best practices.
GOAL VI: Foster a Strong and Authentic Community
  1. Strengthen the relationship between the school, parish and home communities.
  2. Involve the school children in parish life.
  3. Promote social opportunities for families.
  4. Enhance service opportunities for students and families.