“Technology alone never holds the key to success. However, when used right, technology is an essential driver in accelerating forward momentum”

-Jim Collins, Good to Great, p. 159

Educational Technology at St. Monica Catholic School

St. Monica Catholic School believes that educational technology improves academic excellence across all grade levels. Engaged students think out problems critically, make real life connections, and manipulate the tools they have to achieve their academic goals. All grade levels, from Pre-K through Eighth, have access to the latest technology, allowing for a dynamic learning experience. Technology at St. Monica Catholic School is used intentionally in the curriculum and includes tablets, laptops, interactive white boards, electronic curriculum and testing capabilities, broadband capacity for the entire school population, and a middle school 1-to-1 laptop program. The St. Monica Technology Steering Committee provides leadership and consultative advice to our Principal and teaching staff, and it is comprised of St. Monica community members who are professionals in the technology fields.

Middle School 1:1 Program

Technology helps to Personalize Education

St. Monica’s use of technology enables us to offer each student a unique education, tailored to individual learners. At. St. Monica Catholic School, teachers believe that a successful education is as much about knowing the students and understanding how to improve each child’s learning abilities, as it is about a specific subject matter. A technology rich classroom is the perfect place for differentiated, Project-Based Learning. Teachers can give extra resources to students struggling with a concept or accelerate learning for those students needing a challenge, based on each student’s unique needs. Technology in the classroom also enables our teachers to easily track progress and communicate effectively with parents, with whom they partner in the education of our students.

The Pros and Cons of 1:1 Technology

Benefits of Technology and Learning

St. Monica teachers employ cutting edge technology in their classrooms daily. Students are required to be readers, writers, editors, and publishers, and must be willing to collaborate and co-create closely with others through a wide array of communication tools. These 21st century skills are critical for students to acquire as they grow and prepare to enter High School. With a supportive community and teachers who are willing to be continually educated and embrace technology school-wide, students of every age are sure to benefit from the many tools and skills technology can offer and are more likely to be engaged in their learning.


St. Monica Catholic School Acceptable Use Policy

Elementary 1:1 Implementation Plan 2014-2020