Pre-K STEM + The Arts

KinderYoung children are avid STEM investigators, eager to explore and invent. Spend an hour with a Pre-K student and you will field an astounding array of questions, as their own natural curiosity leads them towards STEM inquiry. “How can we all get a fair share of these cookies?” “How can I make my block tower tall—but not fall over?” “How can a stick float on top of a puddle?” Young children are also the earliest adopters of technology, grabbing for cameras, smart phones, and other tools as soon as they are able.


St. Monica Pre-K ensures that our youngest learners enjoy a high-quality early STEM + the Arts education. Tomorrow’s engineers are building bridges in the block corner today. Tomorrow’s scientists are doing “field work” at recess, inspecting the structure of a fallen leaf.
St. Monica teachers have received high-quality pre-service and in-service training focused on STEM disciplines and Project Based instruction and curriculum. At St. Monica Catholic School we seamlessly integrate these STEM lessons with Arts Education; Spanish, Drama, Art, Movement & Music to educate the whole child.