St. Monica Catholic School believes that the transmission of knowledge, the encouragement of curiosity, the development of rational thought, and the cultivation of moral behavior are the foundation of a successful education.

In union with parents and guardians as the primary educators of our children, and the Archdiocese of Seattle, St. Monica Catholic School promotes the Good News of Jesus Christ, as is expressed in our Catholic faith. St. Monica Catholic School offers a quality, Private Catholic School Education to children from Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Newcastle, Mercer Island and the surrounding Puget Sound communities. Small class size, a talented and nurturing faculty, and challenging academics cultivate critical thinking and creativity skills in our students, while instilling moral values in a Christ-centered environment. St. Monica Catholic School serves children in Pre-School through Grade 8. Offering a rigorous and innovative curriculum that includes STEM + the Arts Project Based Learning, Foreign Language in all grade levels, fine and performing arts offerings, and a weekly mass in a supportive environment.

Our exceptional curriculum enriches our student’s educational journey. At each level, we introduce appropriate material in logical sequence. St. Monica Catholic School prepares the way of our youngest students by first defining and describing the destination of our oldest. We will continue to adjust the pace and the scope of our curriculum to ensure a program, excellent and exhilarating, for these young people whom we teach and with whom we learn.

St. Monica Catholic School will;

  • Motivate and encourage our children to reach their highest potential by offering a challenging curriculum and a supportive environment, designed to empower them with knowledge and self-discipline.
  • Foster a Catholic environment, providing for the growth of the whole child by focusing on spiritual, academic, physical, and moral development.
  • Invite our children to live a life modeled on the gospel values by encouraging a life of prayer, sacraments, and service to one another and our larger community.
  • Provide opportunities for our children to be leaders in our school and community, instilling in them the awareness that they can make a difference in our world.

The best way to get to know St. Monica is to come visit our campus. We are happy to assist you with any aspect of the admission process. To receive admission materials, ask a question, or schedule a visit, please call (206) 232-5432 or email

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