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The Catholic Classical Liberal Arts Education curriculum enriches each student’s educational journey. At each level, we introduce appropriate material in a logical sequence. St. Monica Catholic School prepares our youngest students by first defining and describing the destination of our oldest. We will continue adjusting the pace and scope of our curriculum to ensure a program that is excellent and exhilarating for these young people we teach and with whom we learn.

St. Monica Catholic School is fully accredited by the State of Washington and is a member of the Washington Federation of Independent Schools, the National Catholic Education Association, and the Washington State Catholic Conference. In addition, we are a member of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.

We transferred to the Crusader community for the classical education and St. Monica has exceed our expectations. My children come home so happy and excited from what they are learning at school. We hear about the great conversations they are having in class in various subjects, and the truth and beauty that seeps out in all. They are thinking, processing and articulating in a way we have not yet experienced. The classical approach to education has been a huge blessing for our family and the formation of our children. I don’t know what we would do without St. Monica! We are so grateful and supportive of all that St. Monica is doing.

Individualized Attention

Our caring and dedicated teachers support each student individually to nurture an environment of academic excellence and Christian values. The St. Monica Catholic School journey begins in preschool and extends through high school. Our teachers motivate and encourage our children to reach their highest potential by offering a challenging curriculum and a supportive environment designed to empower them with knowledge and self-discipline.

We foster a Catholic environment, providing for the whole child’s growth by focusing on spiritual, academic, physical, and moral development. In addition, our children strive to live a life modeled on gospel values to live a life of compassion, prayer, and service to one another in our larger community.