Catholic Liberal Education & STEM Subjects

How will a new focus on Catholic Liberal Education affect how STEM subjects are integrated?

Science/Engineering and Math will continue to be strong subjects that integrate well into a Catholic Liberal Arts cross-disciplinary program. Quality STEM learning experiences require students of life to pause and wonder and engage spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

With a Catholic lens, STEM subjects at St. Monica provides a focus for us to show appreciation, care, and reverence for God’s creation. We continue to encourage investigation and creativity as responsible stewards of our planet. As stewards of God’s creation, quality STEM learning experiences challenge students to develop higher-order thinking skills through processes such as inquiry, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Students are regularly challenged by complex problems that are related to real-world scenarios.

We plan to place a greater emphasis on the language of technology and computer programming as part of our curriculum. As our philosophy on incorporating technology evolves and as we learn more about our students’ developmental needs, we will assess and put forward a renewed effort to be good stewards of the resources that are available to us and provide a strong foundation for our students in an ever-changing technological world.