Catholic STEM + Arts

saint-massQuality STEM learning experiences require students of life to pause and wonder and engage spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
With a Catholic lens, STEM + the Arts at St. Monica provides a focus for us to show appreciation, care and reverence for God’s creation. The STEM approach encourages investigation and creativity as responsible stewards of our planet. As stewards of God’s creation, quality STEM learning experiences challenge students to develop higher-order thinking skills through processes such as inquiry, problem solving, and creative thinking. Students are regularly challenged by complex problems that are related to real world scenarios.

stmonica-034Intentional focus is placed on the moral and ethical responsibility through the lens of the WCEA Catholic Identity in the teaching and learning tied to the grade level standards of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At St. Monica Catholic School, the Arts will play a major role in their integration with the STEM program. Specific attention will be given to intercultural competencies that honor all students.

(Adapted from the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools Department document on STEM education.)