A Peek at 6th Grade History

St. Monica Catholic School follows a Catholic Liberal Arts model. One key component of our curriculum is our classical time period. Each grade focuses on a specific era in history. They are as follows:

  • Kindergarten – The Cradle of Civilization Year
  • First Grade – The Greek Year
  • Second Grade – The Roman Year
  • Third Grade – The Medieval Year
  • Fourth Grade – The Modern Year and Washington State History
  • Fifth Grade – The American Year
  • Sixth Grade – The Ancient Year
  • Seventh Grade – The Medieval Year and Washington State History
  • Eighth Grade – The Modern Year

As part of our spiral curriculum, 6th grade’s timeline builds upon content from Kindergarten through Third Grade at a much deeper level. For example, agents start middle school at the beginning of human history with the Dawn of Agriculture and Mesopotamia. Students had a blast investigating topics such as the Caves of Lascaux, Otzi the Iceman, the first city-states along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and so much more in this unit! By the end of the year, students will have studied over 3,500 years of history in the following units: Dawn of Agriculture, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Persia, Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ancient Rome, and the greatest love story ever told (Christ’s death and resurrection). To complement our study of ancient history, students are also studying Latin (the language of Ancient Rome) and early creation myths in Literature.

Pictures: 6th Grade History Agents inscribing their names in ancient cuneiform; a 6th Grade Agent showing off his Mesopotamia “Mini” project