Physical Education News

My primary goal in elementary PE is to develop students’ fundamental movement skills within a variety of developmentally appropriate game, aerobic, and anaerobic activities. The St. Monica PE program will also enhance students’ personal fitness and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in a variety of physical activities. As a young student here at St. Monica I place emphasis on personal and social responsibility. Problem solving skills are also reinforced throughout my elementary physical education curriculum.

The St. Monica middle school physical education program strives to develop students’ personal fitness and skill-related abilities. The program reinforces students’ understanding and application of fitness concepts and motor skills through a variety of movement forms and activities. I aim to develop students’ personal and social responsibility, self-management skills, and ability to make informed choices. The overall goal of my PE program is to place an emphasis on leading a physically active lifestyle here at St. Monica find a lifelong commitment to physical fitness in your future. As always, my motto for the past 20+ years has always been, “Whoever has the most fun…Wins!”